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Nowadays hot dogs, burgers, and paninis are easily available at gas stations, in grocery shops, or sport facilities.
Relatively low cost of a stand as well as easy preparation of those types of food facilitate the decision about introducing sales stands to one’s offer.
You simply need to establish a tiny space for a sales stand, and it certainly will attract customers, and generate profits.
We are proud of being a leader of mobile sales as well as gastronomic concepts. Our wide offer, together with completed details and long experience let us introduce our products to the biggest chain stores and to petrol industry.
In the catalogue you may find our standard offer. Moreover, we are able to design and produce sales stands that fulfil individual needs of our customers.

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To make your stand as efficient as possible, additional equipment is necessary.

Choose appropriate accessories from a wide range of additional devices. You can find a full range of devices in a catalogue!

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Return of investment in 3 months! Check how much you'll earn!
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