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As a leader of a mobile gastronomy in Poland, we introduce few concepts of sales trailers: burger, coffee, crepes, gyros, sandwich, ice cream, and French fries.
Each concept is designed in two versions which we called Standard and Economic.
The Standard version includes built-in cabinets designed in a way they maximise sales, stainless steel cooling equipment, and larger devices with more power and higher efficiency. The Economic version has analogous equipment however it includes simpler furniture, powder coated cooling equipment, and budget devices.
Our offer of trailers concepts is a starting-point for business cooperation with you. Due to our proposal which includes visualisations, we are able to optimise each trailer as well as to suit it to an individual needs.
A price includes a trailer with electrical installations, installed devices – to avoid damages during transportation – and a delivery. Moreover, you will receive a construction project that, usually, is extra paid.
We arrange it for You. Perfectly.
There is a possibility of changing some elements of a trailer as well as of equipment.
If you are looking for a trailer for selling any other product – do not hesitate to contact us.

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technology and quality

Sale trailers are made in laminated wall technology with an insulation of 25 mm (a ceiling and a floor 30 mm). Walls are made of aesthetic laminate on which you may put some advertisements easily. Mechanical elements of a chassis come from certified components of German companies such as Knott, or Alko what guarantees highest quality, safety as well as long-lasting and failure-free usage. A complex construction makes a trailer hermetic. Basic equipment includes: one sales window, one front door, axle / axles with brakes, one support wheel.
Due to their capacity, our trailers may be used in trade, gastronomy, catering, and as information, medical, exhibition, social etc. points. In every place where mobility matters.

Sample projects

Gallery of exemplary performances of gastronomic trailers.
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