6 gasto bikes,
3 different finishings,
hundreds of possible colours.


10 business ideas.
2 size versions.


7 gastronomic concepts in 2 price options.
Everything in one place.

Ice cream

10 ice cream devices available in different price variants, return of an investment even in 1 month


10 different concepts,
dozen od devices.


6 bar concepts.
Individual projects.
Wide range of bar glass concepts.

Producing our gastronomic bikes, we use the highest quality materials so our products are of the best quality, failure-free, and completed in every detail. We are not afraid of new challenges! If you have your own sales concept, don’t hesitate to contact us! We will make it for you!
Stainless steel
We use the highest quality stainless steel which does not corrode during operation. Moreover, we use laser cutting which guarantees production repeatability as well as absolute accuracy.
Awards and certificates
Our gastronomic bikes won the highest prize during International Food Service Trade Fair twice. Our bikes are certified by the National Hygiene Institute so they are approved for contact with food. They also obtained an approval of most of chiefs architects of the city.

Welcome to the world of mobile gastronomy!
Let’s meet your dreams together!

Our company has been operating in the Polish market since 2007 and is a leader in the manufacture of bicycles, trolleys and trailers. Our experience in creating sales concepts translates into customer profits. We have the largest range of mobile devices in Europe.

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Our bar in one of the oldest Polish restaurant – Wierzynek.
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Opinions of our clients

Testimonial by Marcin Kuśnierz,
I recomend JG Gastro company. They equipped my trailer. Finishing is is very good. The company is reliable always serves professional help.
Marcin Kuśnierz,
Wake Park Kraków
Testimonial by Emilia Lipińska
Professional company. Very good, professional and friendly service. The bike has been serving us for the third season and we are happy with it. Beautifully presented, solidly made steals the hearts of customers who are willing to take a picture with him. I recommend this company especially for good customer contact, fast response, good products and affordable prices.
Emilia Lipińska
Testimonial by Apoloniusz Marekwica,
Cooperation with JG Gastro is a pleasure. Professional service and advice. Unbeatable prices as well as the highest quality materials and equipment I have purchased for export to the UK.
Apoloniusz Marekwica,
Texas Steak
Testimonial by Grzegorz Bańkowski
I recommend the company JG Gastro. Full of professionalism, I have no objections, everything went smoothly, quickly, it was just as pre-established as many such companies on the market.
Grzegorz Bańkowski

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