Hot dog bike


Hot dog bike is a perfect solution while we don’t have an electricity connection. It works perfectly in a street, at a festival, as well as in a shopping centre.
It‘s made of stainless steel, and equipped with gas supply.

A strong burner situated under a bain-marie can easily maintain the desired temperature of the products. A large chamber of a bain-marie 2 x GN 2/3, 200 mm may hold sausages, buns, sweetcorn, and many more. On the side shelves, we designed special holes for extras and sauces which guarantee perfect order on the bike.

A water container with gravitational water flow is located in the top shelf.
In a hot dog bike, we designed two huge cabinets as well as one drawer as storage cabinets.

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Hot dog
Power supply

Box (mm): 1000x800x1120 h
Bike (mm): 2200x1180x1500 h
Total (mm): 2320 mm

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Features of hot dog bike

Strong 19" wheels
We designed strong wheels with a diameter of 60 cm which make moving around a city facile and comfortable.
Stainless steel finishing
Our bike is made of stainless steel OH18N9 so it looks wonderful in an urban environment. It is easy to clean, and it’s resistant to humidity as well as bad weather.
Firm bike frame painted at any color
The double tube frame ensures stable driving as well as solidity of the whole construction. It’s screwed to the front part of a bike so it can be disassemble easily during servicing or shipping. While placing an order, it is possible to choose a color of the bike frame (RAL color chart).
Huge pushing handle
A huge pushing handle not only looks good but also facilitates riding on a bike. The handle is made of a round stainless steel profile and it will survive even the farthest trips.
Turning radius: 4 m
A turning radius was optimized so a bike can easily cross the streets. Turning limiters are responsible for safety and guarantee stability of a bike.
Hydraulic brakes with an option of parking brake
The strongest brakes available on the market guarantee safe driving. A parking brake facilitates placing a bike while working.
Containers for extras
On the side shelves of a bike, there are special holes for GN 1/9. You can adjust their height to your needs. It is a perfect space for extras.
Space for sauces
We designed a space for three favorite sauces. It’s extremely helpful as sauces do not fall out while driving. Moreover, they are always at hand and your workplace is always perfectly organized.
We designed an useful sink in a side shelf. A water container with a gravitational water flow is located in the top shelf, so no electricity is needed. Dirty water accumulates in a bottom cabinet, so it can be clean out easily.
Large storage cabinet
In a hot dog bike we designed two huge cabinets where you can storage your products for a whole workday. In a bottom part of a bike you can put buns, sausages, and extras; and in an upper part you can put beverage cans.
Its size 2 x GN 2/3 can easily contains buns and sausages. Covered with a special lid, it will keep a desired temperature. The bain-marie is heated by a gas burner so a bike is completely independent from electricity.
Master key
You can open all the cabinets using one master key. If the key is lost, we will provide you with a new set of keys.
Shelf for prepared hot dogs
In order to facilitate your customer service, we prepared a special place where you can put your hot dogs.
Handle for tongs
Cooking accessories is an important issue.In our bike, we care about every detail, so we designed a special handle for tongs.

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